5 Reasons to Invest in Jingles

  • Memory - It's amazing that many jingles you haven't heard in years will instantly come back to you - both words and melody.
  • Subconscious - Jingles work on the subconscious. You may not even know it's working until suddenly, you've got the latest radio ad stuck in your head and it won't go away.
  • Emotion - Jingles tap into emotion. Adding music to the message is like adding color to the screen. Jingles can portray the full spectrum of feelings - happy, sad, wholesome, patriotic, sexy, suspenseful, romantic, sincere, etc.
  • Recognition - Jingles are instantly recognizable. The impression is made in the first few seconds.
  • Attention - High-quality jingles break through the ad clutter. They stand out. National quality radio ads can make commercial breaks more enjoyable.

Welcome to The
Del Mar Music Group

We are one of the elite production companies in the country providing the very best creative for each of our clients large and small. You'll love our personal service and mastery of creative abilities in order for you to "beat the competition". We specialize in jingle production, radio advertising, and musical imaging. We work with our clients to provide custom national jingle advertising campaigns; from the recording studio to your success in the marketplace. The Del Mar Music Group, "cause you can't hum a newspaper ad!".

Here's Just a "Taste" of our Jingles

The Del Mar Music Creative Process

Step 1. The Creative Interview - One of our writer/producers will ask a series of questions designed to help us understand your business and give us a better idea of what direction to take both lyrically and musically. (Who is your target market? What are your strengths in the market place? What radio ads or radio advertising do you enjoy? Do you have a slogan? etc.) Learn More

Craig A. Israel

Craig's unique experience includes ten years as Vice President of Tuesday Productions, developing radio jingle and radio advertising campaigns for advertisers and radio stations around the country, which was followed by four years with BRG Music Works as National Sales Director. With mega-giants, regional behemoths in a constantly changing business world, the Del Mar Music Group will not just make a difference, we'll make ALL the difference for you. Learn More

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